Key details.

Tuesday, 21 July 2020
8:00am – 9:00am
(registration & breakfast from 7:45am)
UQ Business School
Ground Level, 293 Queen Street

Presented by:

Stephen Pyman – Principal & Director


Alex Tuhtan – Principal


This seminar will discuss:

  • Latest cases on payment claims, payment schedules and the strict test being applied in Queensland Courts on new reasons being include in adjudication response.

  • The diversion between Queensland Supreme Court cases which adopt a strict approach on the information necessary for a valid claim and the New South Wales Court of Appeal that has followed a less strict approach.

  • Understand how to amend your contract to deal with current cases and recent legislation.

  • Discuss and understand the latest contract clauses required as a result of these recent cases.

  • Discuss and understand the latest contract amendments dealing with conversion of security, final certificates, termination and deeds of release.

  • Discuss recent cases on licence requirements and void claims for civil infrastructure work.

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