CDI’s Workplace Health and Safety Training

At CDI Lawyers, we consider it is of utmost importance that our clients know and understand their work health and safety (WH&S) rights and responsibilities, and that they possess the knowledge and tools to discharge their duty of care and complete their projects incident free.

This need is particularly important in the building, construction, infrastructure, mining and renewable energy industries, as the inherent nature of the scope of work on such projects is that it frequently requires workers to complete “high risk construction works”, potentially exposing them to the risk of death or serious injury or illness. The unfortunate reality is that these industries are responsible for the majority of workplace fatalities in Australia. The consequences for such incidents are catastrophic. On top of the death or serious injury of a person, serious workplace incidents can expose your company, the officers of the company and your workers to significant fines and criminal prosecution (and potentially, imprisonment), cause project delays and project cost overrun and irreparable reputational damage.

To address this, CDI Lawyers provides its clients with tailored in-house practical WH&S training, specifically catered to the nature of their individual scope of work and associated risks and duties on their projects.

The topics covered in the practical seminar/workshop include:

  • Recent WH&S legislation changes and cases.
  • A summary of your relevant WH&S duties, including in relation to:
    • duties of a Person Conducting a Business or Undertaking (PCBU) in the construction, infrastructure, mining and renewable energy industries, specific to whether your company is a Head Contractor or Subcontractor or otherwise;
    • the duties of officers of your company, which likely includes Directors, Project Managers, Site Managers, Site Foreman and potentially even HSE Advisors; and
    • WH&S design duties if you “design any plant, substance or structure”.
  • Duties under the Codes of Practices specific to your scope of work, including duties of PCBUs and the duties of officers and workers.
  • Duties and obligations of Union Officials and recommendations to ensure compliance by the officials, particularly following the abolishment of the Australian Building and Construction Commission.
  • Project specific risks and responsibilities, including in relation to “High-Risk construction works” (e.g. confined spaces/ working at height) and the preparation and compliance with Safe Work Method Statements.
  • Heavy Vehicle National Laws and your duties as a party in the “Chain of Responsibility” – being any party that controls or influences a heavy vehicle transport task (i.e. your responsibilities when ordering plant and equipment / materials / supplies to site).
  • What to do when faced with a WH&S Incident to ensure that your rights are protected, and you minimise your exposure to large fines, criminal prosecution and serious reputational damage.

The seminar/workshop is suitable for all project and commercial personnel, including directors, project managers, construction managers, contract managers, contract administrators or any other personnel willing and able to attend.

It can be conducted either in person at your workplace, project site or in CDI Lawyers’ boardroom (seating 16 people); or via Zoom/Microsoft Teams, or both.

For such training, we charge a flat fee of $2,500 (ex GST).

If you’re interested in arranging a WH&S training session, please call or email Jay Hatten, Principal, who specialises in WH&S.








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