Building Ministers’ Forum releases roadmap for building and construction industry reforms

The Building Ministers’ Forum has released the ‘Building Confidence Implementation Plan’ (Implementation Plan) in response to last year’s Shergold and Weir Report (Report), which made 24 recommendations to improve the effectiveness of compliance and enforcement in the building and construction industry, and restore the community’s confidence in the industry.

The Implementation Plan outlines a roadmap for reforms necessary to address the recommendations of the Report in each State and Territory, and identifies that the following six recommendations are to be implemented nationally as a matter of priority:

  1. Mandatory registration requirements for builders, site and project managers, building surveyors, building inspectors, architects, engineers, designers, plumbers and fire safety practitioners.
  2. Introducing additional registration requirements including certificated training on the operation and use of the National Construction Code, additional competency and experience requirements, compulsory professional indemnity insurance where available and evidence of a practitioner’s integrity based on a fit-and-proper person assessment.
  3. The introduction of statutory controls to mitigate conflicts of interest and increase the transparency of the engagement and responsibilities of private building surveyors.
  4. Creating a code of conduct for building surveyors which addresses the key matters that would be grounds for disciplinary action if contravened.
  5. Introducing enhanced supervisory powers and mandatory reporting obligations for private building surveyors.
  6. Introducing requirements that building approval documentation must be prepared by appropriate categories of registered practitioners to demonstrate that the proposed building complies with the National Construction Code.

The Implementation Plan states that nationally consistent reforms do not necessarily mean that a one-size-fits all approach should be adopted; rather, all States and Territories should implement consistent reforms, which are then tailored to their specific jurisdiction. The Building Ministers’ Forum has indicated it will be working closely with State and Territory industry peak bodies to appropriately tailor reforms to each jurisdiction.

CDI Lawyers will keep you up to date with all legislative changes proposed in response to the Implementation Plan as and when they are announced.

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