CDI congratulates Development Directive on the start of construction for the $70 million Paradise Garden Shopping Village

Development on the $70 million Paradise Garden Shopping Village project in the Bayside suburb of Thornlands is set to commence construction on  5 May 2022.

The aim for the development is to create a place where the Thornlands community can bring their family to explore the adjacent green space, enjoy a fresh meal with friends and shop locally and conveniently.

The 7,750sqm retail centre will include a full-line supermarket, specialty stores, service station, medical centre, family friendly tavern, and a number of alfresco dining options, in addition to a 1.4ha neighbouring parkland for community use.

Development Directive’s senior consultant Peter Macgregor says the shopping village was designed to create a community asset for Thornlands residents and the wider Redlands region.

CDI is proud to have drawn the contract documentation for this project and delighted to have received an invitation to the ground breaking ceremony.




Key contacts:

Stephen Pyman – Director




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